About Us

Bean Law Group was established to help people in need deal with an often confusing and overwhelming legal system.

Our primary focus is representing employees against current or former employers regarding issues such as workplace discrimination, retaliation, harassment, and failure to pay wages. We utilize the court system to effectively advocate for YOU, in order to help you obtain fair and just compensation, right a wrong, or navigate the legal system.

Matthew Bean.  Matthew is the founder and principal attorney of Bean Law Group.  He primarily focuses on employment law, including issues such as workplace discrimination, retaliation, and failure to pay wages.  He also has extensive experience in other practice areas, including automotive accidents and contract disputes.

Cody Fenton-Robertson.  Cody is an associate attorney at Bean Law Group.

Our Practice Areas
Employment Law 

  • Discrimination Law
  • Retaliation
  • Reasonable Accommodation Law
  • Non-Competition Agreements 
  • Wage and Hour Law